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Hasbullah bin Mohamad
LLB Hons, London South Bank University, CLP
Area of Expertise: Civil Litigation 

Hasbullah mainly but not exclusively deals in Land Matters ie. cases involving land and issues surrounding it, including land acquisition matters and compensation thereof, whereby he has the experience in acting for the acquisitor and also for land owners. He advises a local council on issues regarding assessment charges imposed on properties within the local council area of authority and litigate matters regarding the same. He also handles matters arising out of distribution of properties in probate and administration of estates, division of properties in matrimonial cases and also in family matters, including by way of hibah and trust deeds and also in matters regarding transfer and tenancy of properties.

Hasbullah Mohamad chambered in RAA and joined our firm as an Associate. Soon after he was made a Partner at RAA. Hasbullah has been entrusted to be the anchor of management of RAA’s Seremban branch since 2010.