Best Divorce Lawyer in KL


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    Out of desperation in being challenged on losing custody of my child, I googled the firm and engaged the services of the firm. Never regretted for a minute through the 6 months of the most trying times of my life. Both Dato Arunan and Mr.Sudesh has demonstrated every attribute I required during this period. Prompt assistance on any enquiry, attention to detail, empathy shown while keeping mine and the interest of my child their top priority. What exceeded my expectation of this esteemed firm was a call from Dato Arunan on a weekend, to follow through with a particular question I had for him raised on Friday. The level of passion, commitment to their job is commendable. Your firm provided a very clear path through the minefield of divorce, and the way in which my case was handled has allowed me to remain on speaking terms with my ex-husband which is to the best interest of my child.
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    Dear Dato Arunan, thank you for doing all the work for me. At first I was very nervous when the Judge wanted to interview me but I think I did well. Thank you very much. Wait, almost forgot, please thank Mr. Sudesh because the Judge let my grandma be my legal guardian.
    Issac Gan , 10 years old
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    Some lawyers charged me for seeing them for advice and I was ill advised. You were different. Thank you for your consultation time and first advice which made me decide to appoint you. You did really well in court defending my case. Appreciated and thanks Dato. -
    Mr Dave
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    Dato Arunan, you saved my son’s life from the death penalty. When I first saw u few days after losing my girl, I knew I found the right lawyer. You were always giving me advice and kept me and my wife strong. Seeing my son in court during every case mention was devastating and very difficult for us. You were there for us all the time. We lost one child and thought we will lose our son too. If not for u, we would have lost him Dato. You handled my son delicately and sincerely helped me resolve my son’s case. Thank you dato for saving my son. Also like to thank you Mr. Sudesh and all others staff in Rusmah Arunan has been so helpful, cooperating and understanding.
    Mr. Toh
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    My ex husband took away my 3 kids and chased me out from my home. I had no where to go and you helped me get back on my feet. I wont forget the day the Judge gave me the custody order, I cried so much when the Judge said I can meet my children again after 1 year of not seeing them. My ex gave me hell in the divorce case too but you guided me and I hold your advice close to my heart. I am now happy and I have found ways to take care of my children on my own and I have a good job too. Dato, thank you for all that you have done for me.
    Ms. Janice Goh
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    Dear Dato, I and my siblings visit our brother at Kajang Prison once a month. He always sends his regards to you for helping him in his Appeal case. He remembers all your arguments in Court during the hearing and talks about it. He is very thankful that he will get to reunite with us and his children in few years’ time. I just felt like sharing this with you dato. thanks
    Ms. Reeta
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    I would recommend you to anyone who needs a family lawyer. You provided me solutions at my most vulnerable moments. When I visited your office, I saw many files everywhere and thought to myself, that these lawyers won’t have time for me as they got a lot of cases. Both you and Sudesh proved me wrong. I thank you for resolving my child custody case in my favour. Thank you Dato.
    Ms. Jenny Cheah
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    Before I met you, I had engaged two other lawyers who charged me so much and made my case so complicated with applications after applications. I’m glad I met you and engaged your services. You provided me with honest opinions and gave me solutions. On top of it all, your fees were very reasonable and it didn’t burn a hole in my pocket. Thank you Dato. Please send my thanks to all at your firm.
    Ms. Lee